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SURFACE: indoor

CONCRETE: indoor

CLASSIC: for indoor and outdoor use

MIDNIGHT: indoor

COLOR: indoor


When choosing textures, please note that some texture ranges are designed for indoor use only.


Склад Тверь
0 шт.
Склад Москва
10 шт.

Наиболее популярные модели кашпо мы держим в наличии на нашем складе. Если кашпо нет в наличии, или того количества, которое есть - недостаточно, то мы в течение 10-14 рабочих дней изготовим и поставим кашпо в нужном для Вас объеме.

Средний срок производства: 10 - 14 рабочих дней. Срок зависит от загруженности производства в момент размещения заказа и от объема Вашего заказа. Сделайте заказ на сайте, и при подтверждении заказа мы обозначим точный срок изготовления или спросите у наших менеджеров любым удобным способом.

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red clay

Optional extras

  • 20 €

Suspension system

  • This planter can be equipped with a height-adjustable suspension system.

fiberglass concrete

Virtually all of our products are made of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete, or fiberglass concete.
This makes our pots incredibly lightweight and durable. Besides the average weight of just about 1 to 10 kg, the fiberglass concete planters have several other advantages: they are extremely robust against impacts, temperature, moisture, and ultraviolet light.


Size (L x W x H)
Optional extras
  • Specification
    80 cm
    20 cm
    20 cm
    4 kg
  • Description

    The Balcony shape is a large rectangular frame that holds different kinds of plants. It is easy to maintain and water, and it provides an interesting visual effect when viewed from the outside. It is a great way to add greenery to an otherwise dull balcony or loggia. It can also be used to create a green wall.

    The Color collection consists of light and durable pots that bring vibrancy and joy into any home or space. Enjoy the reliability and quality of these richly colorful pots.

    We provide customizable options for this product:

    Suspension system

    This planter can be equipped with a height-adjustable suspension system.

    We can also manufacture items to your exact specifications. Send an enquiry to sales@greenaupots.com or fill in the contact form on the Bespoke planters page.